Natural Nobles
Natural Nobles
Reynolds Learning Academy Tree Lot
20234 NE Halsey St, Fairview, OR 97024
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Natural Nobles Choose & Cut
21888 S Fellows Rd, Estacada, OR 97023
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No spray

"No spray" means that we use no pesticides or fungicides or any other sprayed-on chemicals. Therefore trees that are moved to an indoor warm environment do not give off any unwanted chemical byproducts to the air.

Freshness and needle retention

Our trees remain fresh with virtually no needle drop for up to six weeks, especially if kept watered in one of our self-watering tree stands. Three sizes of tree stands are available at our Natural Nobles U-Cut farm.

Trees not bushes

Our trees are grown to have spaces between branches so that ornaments and other tree decorations can hang freely, as they are intended to do. Many commercial trees resemble bushes, in which there is no space for ornaments.

Tree species avaiable

We have Noble and Douglas fir trees at our farm at 21888 S Fellows Rd, Estacada, Oregon.

Our Noble and Douglas Firs are also available at Reynolds Learning Academy tree lot at NE 201st and Halsey. Open weekends in December with great bargains.

Open Weekends, 10am to dark, Nov. 27-Dec. 21

Open Weekdays, by appointment: Schedule An Appointment

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